Why is joining Professional Jewish Matchmakers a better investment than going with one of the many lower-cost dating sites?

Let us answer this question with a different one:  How much would it really be worth to you to find an absolutely wonderful and perfectly compatible soulmate for life? That is what we promise; and if we don’tdeliver, we’ll refund half your membership fee, pro-rated from the date you joined.

Why is only half my fee refunded under your money-back guarantee?

Because — even before we send you your first introduction — we put in a ton of effort on your behalf, and spend lots and lots of our professional counsellors’ time, seeking potential soul-mates who meet your criteria, and getting you preparedphysically and psychologically, to navigate the venture of a lifetime. In fact, the “clock” does not even start running on your membership until you receive your first referral from us, a process that might take several weeks, or (sometimes) as much as a couple of months.

If I become unhappy with the referrals you send me, what can I do?

If at any time, for any reason, you would like to cancel your PJM membership, just let us know via call or email, and we’ll refund 50 percent of the unexpired portion of your membership fee.

You may also put your membership on “hold” for up to six months while you explore a new-found relationship, if you become ill, or if you simply wish to leave the dating scene for a while. We will not provide any counseling or search services during this period.

But when you decide you want to have PJM start searching again, simply let us know via letter or email and we’ll remove the “hold,” start the “clock” on your membership again, and get back to work finding you a Jewish soul-mate-for-life; and we’ll continue doing so for the duration of your existing contract.

How many referrals might I expect to get from PJM?

We guarantee that we will refer at least six potential soul-mates-for-life to you during a six-month membership; and to at least 12 such persons during a one-year membership (see our Terms & Conditions).

It’s understood, however, that this guarantee will become null and void should determine at any time that you have been untruthful, inaccurate, deceitful, deceptive, or misleading in any way in providing information for your Member Profile — the primary instrument by which we gather the information we need to carry out an effective and fruitful search on your behalf. If PJM should void your contract for this reason, you will not be entitled to any refund, our money-back guarantee (see above) notwithstanding.

What is the PJM Referral Bonus?

If a new member indicates on her or his application form that s/he was referred to us by you, and if s/he ultimately joins our community, we’ll send you a “Finder’s Fee” of $250.  Nothing for you to do.  Our computers will let us know!