Building the Best You

While places like eHarmony,, and Jdate use almost entirely computer-based, automated “matching” software to find you dates and potential soulmates, we use real people — trained psychologists and relationship counselors, grooming and dating coaches, and other highly experienced professionals — to help you find your ideal mate. If you’re feeling a little nervous about how your profile will ultimately look, we’ll arrange a 1 x 1 photo shoot and help you to develop the best you, you can be.

We also spend a lot of time talking with you personally, and we conduct personal telephone interviews with dozens of men and women in your area who are searching for meaningful relationships, just like you are. We scour dozens of databases and other resources, not just our own membership rolls; and when we think it would be useful, we’ll even place (and pay for) custom-written personal ads in various local magazines and other print media.

While a few of the other so-called “upscale” matchmaking services offer some of the highly-personalized services that Professional Jewish Matchmaking does, you’ll notice that their membership fees are considerably higher than ours (many of them charging five or ten times as much as we do, and even more!).

Finding your lifelong soulmate is a huge milestone, that’s why we’re always here, via email or phone, to answer any questions you may have. 


Many clients, before joining,  have asked, how does the process work? What happens once I actually join PJM?

First, you will be asked to fill our extensive and detailed Member Profile questionnaire. We will not even accept your membership fee or begin the process of searching for your perfect soulmate until you have completed this questionnaire.

Our questionnaire is somewhat similar to those used by other online matchmaking services, but there’s one big difference: Along with the standard personal and demographic information that every service requires (age, physical attributes, education, interests, and so on) — we ask you to think very, very deeply about who you are, about your values and philosophy of life, about the nature and depth of your identity, and about the kind of person you think would make an ideal soul-mate for you. But our “profiling” only starts with this questionnaire.

It continues with your first one- to-one interview with one of our expert relationship counselors, who uses the answers you have provided on your Member Profile to guide his or her discussion with you. This telephone interview lasts anywhere from 90 minutes to two hours. It’s pretty intense and very personal — because it has to be: Our whole goal is to get to know you as deeply and personally as we can, the better to help us find a soul-mate for you who doesn’t just “match” you on paper, but who’s got a very good chance of bonding with you at your deep heart’s core.

Only after all this “getting to know you” is accomplished, do we then get to work searching for potential soulmates to refer to you for your consideration.