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Professional Jewish Matchmaking

Professional Jewish Matchmaking is a hand tailored, client oriented matchmaking service that draws from over 30 years of experience in the matchmaking industry – long before the widespread use of the internet. With the assistance of our support staff, our model expands traditional matchmaking. Unlike traditional and unreasonably expensive matchmaking services, Professional Jewish Matchmaking individually pairs clients with experts in …

  1. Relationship Counselling
  2. Authenticated Photos
  3. Fashion Styling
  4. Personalized Matchmaking

… so every client feels adequately supported and confident when meeting their hand selected match.

Details Matter ...

Professional Jewish Matchmaking (PJM) offers highly personalized, handpicked matchmaking in which a professional staff of highly qualified coaches and counsellors conduct vetting and the searching of matches based on an in-depth questionnaire and a substantial amount of professional, one-on-one coaching and counselling.

Being Jewish in busy, global community can leave you feeling alone, even if you’re surrounded by people every day. That’s why looking for your soulmate can’t be another swipe on a dating app or another expensive – unimpressive date.

Honesty is important in a Relationship

That's Why We Price Honestly